Come. Get. Activated.

A Quantum Activation utilizes a combination of intention setting and clearing of the human energy field to remove unwanted and unhelpful energetic patterns and activation of desirable energetic patterns to help an individual discover their full potential.

Attendees may choose to be seated or lying down to receive a Quantum Activation. Rather than explain it…it’s best to experience it. This short 9 minute video gives you a small sample of what it’s like to receive a Quantum Activation.

Free Quantum Healing: Removing negative thought patterns (watch from beginning)

Posted by Nichole Kelly on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Where can I receive a Quantum Activation?

Quantum Activations are offered on the first Sunday of the month at Temple of the Evolution located in The Roland Park Community Center at 5802 Roland Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21210 from 11 AM – 12 pm. The activation is immediately followed from 12- 3 with a healing fellowship offered by practitioners from the surrounding healing arts community. This event is designed to make the healing arts accessible to all and allow attendees the opportunity to experience many modalities once a month.

Check out the latest calendar and more details about each month’s activation here

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