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We are pleased to announce Nourishing Journeys has partnered with Quantum Energy by Infinity to bring you a customized activation designed to unlock your true human potential


What is a Quantum Activation?

Quantum Energy transcends time and space. It is healing and activation that happens in the past, in the present and the future. By tapping into the Life Force Energy of the body, Infinity is able to connect you to your infinite self providing you with a direct connection that lasts beyond the session and helps to guide you through the rest of this lifetime and every future lifetime. Infinity’s specialty is conducting energy through the movement of her hands. Similar to a music conductor, she moves her hands which manipulates the energy in the room and in your body. She can see your energy field which allows her to remove all unwanted energy that may be manifesting as physical illness, emotional distress and blockages to manifesting the life you’ve wished for. During your session she also meets with your higher self, your astral council, your guides, your angels, and The Infinite Creator to activate your highest vibration timeline. Once your energy field is clear, she then activates you into your highest potential.

Experience a FREE 10-minute Activation right now

The best way to explain a Quantum Activation is to experience one. To demonstrate the power of Quantum Activation we offer this video designed to help you remove negative thought patterns in under 10 minutes.

At the event you will lay on your yoga mat and get comfortable. Infinity will play a sound healing track that enhances the energy and places everyone into a deep meditation designed to remove all resistance. She walks around the room and conducts energy for every person who attends. Here’s where it gets interesting. It doesn’t matter who Infinity is working on because every person receives and feels the energy at the same time. Further, any condition that is healed in the room is also healed for everyone. For example, if Infinity removes the energetic pattern that causes chronic depression in one person it is removed for everyone in the room. That’s the power of working with the Quantum Field.

Heal your mind, body and spirit

We can make no guarantees on healing your ailments, however there have been many reports from attendees who have experienced transformational healing. One attendee had lifelong chronic suicidal depression and attended 6 events over the course of a year. He reported that his depression had never reached previous levels and while he had a down day once or twice after after a year he never experienced another bout of suicidal depression. One attendee was being treated for precancerous cells for several years and her doctor found no pre-cancerous cells after attending one activation. One attendee had a chronic heart condition and had ongoing chest pain that was resolved without medication or surgery after one healing. The stories are endless. Because Quantum Activation balances your physical energy field we find that many common ailments seem to disappear after being activated. This can happen after a single event or after several events for chronic conditions. However, it’s important to note that you are the one who actually does the healing. While Infinity provides access to your Quantum Field your intention decides how much of the energy you will receive. Those with chronic conditions sometimes can not imagine their life without the condition and will immediately return to their prior state once they allow thought patterns around the illness to fester. However, those who are open and truly want to be healed have reported miraculous changes after only one healing event. If you have a chronic condition it is highly recommended that you do meditations prior to the event that imagine what your life would be like after you are healed. Imagine you healing yourself and your ailment disappearing. This will help open your mind to the possibility of being healed and can lead to faster results.

Unlock your natural born super human abilities

Once your human energy field is cleared of all debris and unwanted energy Infinity then receives access to the Quantum plane where the spiritual and etheric planes reside. This is when she is able to see and activate your super powers. Every human is born with innate super powers that are unique to them. Infinity has the ability to activate the human energy field, others have the ability to see the future, some have the ability to heal and many have the ability to manifest their dreams almost immediately upon wishing for them. There are thousands of “gifts” we have waiting inside of us. The only thing blocking them is energy. We carry around negative thought patterns that make us feel smaller than we truly are. We carry around physical ailments that can represent emotional blockages and make life more difficult. We carry around unresolved trauma from our childhood, our young adulthood and even from last week. We carry around heavy energy that leaves us feeling depressed, stressed and filled with anxiety. All of us are carrying energy that is ready to be released. Cleansing our energy field is an on-going process. Even Infinity’s private clients who get activated every week find a major difference from week to week as they pick up energy simply by living their lives. This is a natural process. We all have an energy field and when we interact with others our energy field’s touch. This means you are picking up energy from others and if you’ve never had a mechanism to clear it then it sits between you and your true born super powers. Once you get activated you will have access to your super powers and will learn how to quickly and efficiently clear your energy field every day. The result is a feeling of lightness, bliss and connection to self. That is why Infinity will tell you that what she activates is YOU.

Here’s what other activated super heroes have to say about Infinity

“I got my results back from my first test after the activation session – first test that came back negative…no more abnormal or precancerous cells! First normal test in two and a half years.” Janel, Activated January, 2017 in Maryland

Licensed Social Worker

“They say that those who are overly focused on the future are often anxious and worried; those who are overly focused on the past are often depressed and regretful. But those who focus on the present are often peaceful and relaxed. While keeping our minds and hearts in the now is easier said than done, Nichole has a calming way of bringing us into the present and keeping us there. She embodies the peace and ultimately the silent power in the here and now. I can honestly say that yesterday’s activation began what was to be the best day I’ve had in years. I am truly grateful. And what a pleasure meeting all of the beautiful people in the room. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m at a 10. Now for my next trick…keeping it there.” Eric Z. - activated January, 2017 in Washington DC.

Sales Executive

“I was at your workshop on Saturday and my experience was truly incredible! I am so thankful and truly intrigued to attend more. I went in with no expectations but had an intention to keep an open mind and receive whatever it was I was to receive. During the activation, I felt a lot of electricity and energy flowing that was intermittent. Mostly from the left side of my head and exiting through my feet…I used to go to acupuncture for migraines and the feelings were similar, with the electrical pulling in my head. Mostly, I wanted to mention that I have had chronic lower right sided back pain from 16 years of nursing, by Sunday night, it was gone! I’m still shocked and trying not to be a skeptic, just to believe that it’s gone and it worked. I also feel lighter, and have more energy in general. It’s pretty amazing! I really can’t wait to do it again and can only imagine what I will feel like once all of my chakras are online and my chi is flowing correctly.” Becca, activated January, 2017 in Maryland

Registered Nurse

Watch the magic unfold as you step back into your life

Post-activation attendees report feelings of bliss, elation and oneness with their soul. Many report that they have met their higher self for the first time and felt what it would be like to have all their dreams come true. While every experience is unique, it’s clear Quantum Healing leads to transcendental experiences of self. But, what happens when you walk back into your life and your stressors and patterns show themselves again? You may find that you have a newfound ability to make better choices for yourself. This may come in the way of confidence, clearly seeing the perfect choice for you or simply finally finding your voice to set clear boundaries. You may find that suddenly your life starts to change all around you and the things you’ve been wishing for start showing up effortlessly. You may find that people who have similar belief systems and values start showing up in your life. You may find that your relationship with your partner and/or children becomes more loving and caring. You may find that the chronic ailment that has plagued you for decades is simply no longer existent. Or that the negative thought patterns that plagued your confidence are gone. Attendees have reported a variety of different experiences after the event and yours is sure to be unique to you and what you wished for when you arrived at the event. Many attendees report that their lives start to transform all around them. They finally have the courage to leave the relationship they felt trapped in. They get a dream job offer. Decide to move to their dream location. These are all signs of being activated into your highest timeline. Suddenly, the choices that felt beyond us suddenly feel easy and right because they align with our deepest resonance. You can expect that aligning to your deepest resonance and biggest dreams will be easier than it ever has before, even when it involves making what you used to consider “tough choices”.

Come. Get. Activated.

Only $55.55

Infinity believes in setting postive intentions in all that we do. Energy is at the core of whether you love your life or wish it was totally different. Did you know that money is energy? It is and the way we spend our money matters. Most of us spend our money unconsciously. We do things a little differently. When prices are set we deeply consider the message it sends to the Universe and aim to use numerology to support your highest wishes. A Quantum Activation is designed to put you in alignment with your highest potential, which is best symbolized by the number 5555. This is why Infinity decided $55.55 is the perfect number to set your intention of unlocking your full human potential.


“The 5555 number sequence is a message from the Universe that your life is about to go through some major

changes, with new freedoms and living your inner- truths.”

Source: Joanne Sacred Scribes the best source for accurate numerology meanings

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