Quantum Activations Bring Communities Closer

Everyone has something to heal. In fact, healing is the primary reason we incarnate on Earth. However, we’ve been met with systems and methodologies that focus on the retelling of our stories rather than resolving what needs healed. Quantum Activation is different.

Quantum Activation allows us to heal the human condition and clear the human energy field without ever retelling the stories of our trauma, without having to relive our most trying moments and without having to do…well…anything. Quantum Activation can be a permanent solution to what ails us and is inspiring communities who want solutions to come together. A community that heals together stays together.

Enter Infinity. 

Infinity is a powerful Quantum Healer and Activator based on the east coast. While many healer’s can heal one person at a time, Infinity was given the power to activate entire groups and even stadiums full of people. Her mission was revealed during a near-death experience; to help heal 1 billion people during her lifetime and accelerate a global conscious awakening. She is living into that mission and you can help, but first let’s start with the basics.

What is a Quantum Activation?

Quantum Activations transcend time and space. It involves healing that happens in the past, in the present and the future. By tapping into the Life Force Energy of the body, Infinity is able to connect you to your infinite self providing you with a direct connection that lasts beyond the session and helps to activate you into your full potential.

Infinity’s specialty is conducting energy through the movement of her hands. Similar to a music conductor, she moves her hands which manipulates the energy in the room and in your body. She can see your energy field which allows her to remove all unwanted energy that may be manifesting as physical illness, emotional distress and blockages to manifesting the life you’ve wished for. During your session she also meets with your higher self, your astral council, your guides, your angels, and The Infinite Creator to activate your highest vibration timeline. Once your energy field is clear, she then activates you into your highest potential.

How does a Quantum Activation Work?

The best way to explain a Quantum Activation is to experience one. To demonstrate the power of Quantum Activation we offer this video designed to help you remove negative thought patterns in under 10 minutes.

At your event Infinity will play a sound activation track that enhances the energy and places attendees into a deep meditation designed to remove all resistance. She walks around the room and conducts energy for every person who attends. Here’s where it gets interesting. It doesn’t matter who Infinity is working on because every person receives and feels the energy at the same time. Further, any condition that is healed in the room is also healed for everyone. For example, if she removes the energetic pattern that causes chronic depression in one person it is removed for everyone in the room. That’s the power of working with the Quantum Field.

What do you provide when I host an event?

Our goal is to make hosting an event turn-key and simple for you. Here’s what we provide:

  • We will provide you with our super hero activation theming including pre-written text and images to create a page on your website to promote the event including the numerology associated with the $55.55 fee and why that number was selected. If you prefer that we host the promotional webpage, we are also happy to do that. Simply state your preference and we will accommodate.
  • We will provide the text and images to create a Facebook event for promotion and booking purposes. You can see a sample event here.
  • We will provide you with a series of 3-5 emails that you will send to your community to promote the event in advance and to follow up post-event. Our marketing team is well-versed in what works to drive attendance. You will receive the full support of our expertise to help make your event successful. We recommend 6-8 weeks for event promotion prior to the event.
  • We will provide you with an electronic file to print flyers to post around your location to let your community know the event is coming.
  • We will provide you with pre-written social media status updates and images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as a recommended schedule for posting.
  • You also have the option of booking Infinity for a joint Facebook live to promote the event, to explain Quantum Activation and why they should join. She’ll even conduct a mini-activation as part of the event.
  • We will also provide Infinity’s talents and the soundtrack on the date of the event.

What is my location expected to provide?

We believe in partnership and appreciate your support in promoting the event.

  • You agree to host a page on your website promoting the event or to allow us to host a page on our website promoting the event.
  • You agree to set up a Facebook event for the event and promote it to your network. Options for our team to set up and manage the event page are available.
  • You agree to send 3-5 emails that we provide to your email list to promote the event.
  • You agree to hang flyers throughout your location in highly traffic areas to promote the event.
  • You agree to distribute social media status updates on your social networks per the agreed upon volume and schedule.
  • If you choose to host a Facebook Live event you agree to promote and host the event.
  • You agree to offer your space to host the activation and a space for the post-healing pot luck including bowls, plates, silverware and napkins. Attendees will be very hungry after being activated.
  • You agree to staff your space as needed to greet guests and participate in the event as needed.
  • You agree to collect the $55.55 per person fee and remit payment to Infinity on the day of the event per the compensation agreement. Or you agree for our team to collect fees with a 10% handling charge.
  • You agree to handle cleaning of the space before and after the event. We believe in a leave no trace philosophy and attendees are encouraged to clean up after themselves so we expect cleaning requirements to be minimal.
  • You agree to provide the names and email addresses of attendees to our team for a follow up thank you message.

“I got my results back from my first test after the activation session – first test that came back negative…no more abnormal or precancerous cells! First normal test in two and a half years.”

Janel, Activated January, 2017 in Maryland

“They say that those who are overly focused on the future are often anxious and worried; those who are overly focused on the past are often depressed and regretful. But those who focus on the present are often peaceful and relaxed. While keeping our minds and hearts in the now is easier said than done, Infinity has a calming way of bringing us into the present and keeping us there. She embodies the peace and ultimately the silent power in the here and now. I can honestly say that yesterday’s activation began what was to be the best day I’ve had in years. I am truly grateful. And what a pleasure meeting all of the beautiful people in the room. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m at a 10. Now for my next trick…keeping it there.”

Eric Z. - activated January, 2017 in Washington DC.

“I was at your workshop on Saturday and my experience was truly incredible! I am so thankful and truly intrigued to attend more. I went in with no expectations but had an intention to keep an open mind and receive whatever it was I was to receive. During the activation, I felt a lot of electricity and energy flowing that was intermittent. Mostly from the left side of my head and exiting through my feet…I used to go to acupuncture for migraines and the feelings were similar, with the electrical pulling in my head. Mostly, I wanted to mention that I have had chronic lower right sided back pain from 16 years of nursing, by Sunday night, it was gone! I’m still shocked and trying not to be a skeptic, just to believe that it’s gone and it worked. I also feel lighter, and have more energy in general. It’s pretty amazing! I really can’t wait to do it again and can only imagine what I will feel like once all of my chakras are online and my chi is flowing correctly.”

Becca, activated January, 2017 in Maryland

How do I book a Quantum Activation Event?

To book an event, please contact Jessie Newburn at sacredselfinquiry (at) gmail.com to select dates and prepare an event agreement.

It is our honor to serve your community.

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