The beautiful thing about Quantum healing is that it’s well..Quantum. That means sessions can be delivered in-person, via video or via audio with no loss of integrity in the healing or activation.

Do you suddenly feel like an outsider in your life? Do you feel like your job doesn’t fit anymore…your relationship doesn’t fit…or even that your family doesn’t fit anymore? Do the things that used to work for you no longer work? Do the things you used to enjoy no longer bring you pleasure? Is your mind racing with thoughts of wanting to escape? Do you feel alone and like there is no one you can talk to about what’s really happening with you?

Infinity specializes in working with clients  who are going through major life transitions, those with chronic medical conditions and those who have experienced traumatic events.

Her clients have opened themselves to a path of spiritual healing and activation using Quantum energy.

You say yes.

And quantum energy does the rest.


2 hour sessions available at $300

This session includes a full 60 minute Quantum Activation session and 60 minutes to review the messages received from your higher self and angelic guidance team, as well as to answer your questions. This can be up to 6 pages of messages. These sessions go deep and clients receive guidance in all areas of their lives. All new clients start with a 2 hour session and then have a choice of 1 hour or 2 hour sessions after that.

1 hour sessions available at $175

This session includes 45 minutes of Quantum Activation and 15 minutes to review the messages received from your higher self and angelic guidance team. This can be up to 1 page of message

“I got my results back from my first test after the activation session – first test that came back negative…no more abnormal or precancerous cells! First normal test in two and a half years.” Janel, Activated January, 2017 in Maryland

Licensed Social Worker

“I was at your workshop on Saturday and my experience was truly incredible! I am so thankful and truly intrigued to attend more. I went in with no expectations but had an intention to keep an open mind and receive whatever it was I was to receive. During the activation, I felt a lot of electricity and energy flowing that was intermittent. Mostly from the left side of my head and exiting through my feet…I used to go to acupuncture for migraines and the feelings were similar, with the electrical pulling in my head. Mostly, I wanted to mention that I have had chronic lower right sided back pain from 16 years of nursing, by Sunday night, it was gone! I’m still shocked and trying not to be a skeptic, just to believe that it’s gone and it worked. I also feel lighter, and have more energy in general. It’s pretty amazing! I really can’t wait to do it again and can only imagine what I will feel like once all of my chakras are online and my chi is flowing correctly.” Becca, activated January, 2017 in Maryland

Registered Nurse

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“They say that those who are overly focused on the future are often anxious and worried; those who are overly focused on the past are often depressed and regretful. But those who focus on the present are often peaceful and relaxed. While keeping our minds and hearts in the now is easier said than done, Infinity has a calming way of bringing us into the present and keeping us there. She embodies the peace and ultimately the silent power in the here and now. I can honestly say that yesterday’s activation began what was to be the best day I’ve had in years. I am truly grateful. And what a pleasure meeting all of the beautiful people in the room. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m at a 10. Now for my next trick…keeping it there.

Eric Z. - activated January, 2017 in Washington DC.

Sales Executive

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