This is the second in a series of 5 new videos that are completely different than anything I’ve ever released. This vision came in the middle of a sleepless night when I was receiving download after download from the Universe on what my mission was and how to fulfill it. I got the message, “partner with sound healers” loud and clear as I saw myself wearing lighted gloves and creating a mesmerizing meditation experience.

I immediately did a post on Facebook asking if any sound healers wanted to partner for new Quantum Activation videos and was astounded by the response. Sound healers from all over the world were signing up left and right. Jim and Ashley Cash, the artist behind the popular group Woven Green immediately responded and wanted to participate. We quickly got on the phone and I explained the vision I had seen. I immediately knew the universe had brought me to the right place. Our conversation went from healing to consciousness and the missions we’ve been shown we are here to fulfill during this lifetime. And it was clear…our missions are aligned.

This video was shot and edited by Eric Willison of the Baltimore Drum Church. He added the 417 hz Solfeggio frequency to the original soundtrack to create a fully expansive experience of Quantum energy and Solfeggio sound healing.

I hope you enjoy this entirely different take on meditation. I call it meditainment, where meditation meets entertainment. For this experience you’ll keep your eyes open and allow your focus to soften.

This video is designed for to open, heal and seal your sacral chakra where we store trauma related to relationships including romantic relationships, friends, family and even collegaues. Your sacral chakra is located right below your belly button. Notice the energy moving around your belly and up your spine during the meditation.

This meditainment video offers these benefits

HEAL past trauma from relationships including family, friends and romantic HEARTBREAK.
REMOVE patterns that leave you STUCK in SELF-SABOTAGE within your romantic and personal relationships.
ATTRACT healthy, harmonized energy for finding YOUR SOULMATE, deep friendship and loving family relationships.
OPEN yourself to giving and receiving UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
STRENGTHENS BONDS between family, friends, partners and even pets.
ALIGN your energetic vibration with YOUR HAPPY ENDING.

Remember, keep your eyes open, soften your focus and enjoy the ride. <3 Interested in booking a one-on-one to align with your full potential? Click here to schedule now

Infinite blessings,


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