Is your inner voice racing through a million and one reasons why you aren’t good enough? Do you find yourself always seeing how something will fail before how it will succeed? Does it feel like these thought patterns are on auto-pilot and you just want to find a way to make them end?

You aren’t alone. Many of us have a subconscious program that is running on auto-pilot with little positivity. Our brains are wired to mitigate our risk and ensure we are safe. So it’s no surprise that the standard internal dialogue is one plagued with uncertainty, judgement, shame and unworthiness.

The good news is that you can remove your negative thought patterns and activate positivity. The even better news is that it doesn’t involve trying to “change” your thoughts. It simply involves removing the energetic pattern of negativity and replacing it with positivity.

I wish for this activation to give you a whole new positive perspective and align you to your true infinite potential.

With love,



  1. Open yourself to the possibility that you can be healed of these negative thought patterns.
  2. Make a direct wish to God, Source, our Infinite Creator or whichever deity you prefer to be cured of your negativity.
  3. Sit back, close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken on a journey where you will feel your negativity leave your brain and positivity find it’s way in.
  4. Watch this video multiple times, at least 10-12 for life long negativity…you can even play it in the background and still receive benefit.
  5. If you find yourself having negative thought patterns again, replay the video or simply visualize that you are pulling thorns out of your brain to unblock the positive neural pathway. Keep pulling until the negative thought pattern has resolved. And have fun with it. You can do it while dancing, while singing, while running, and even while shopping. This is a technique you can take with you anywhere you go.

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