Infinity is a Quantum Healer, Activator and the world’s first Medi-tainer, a term she coined to describe combining the act of meditation with entertainment-focused events. Medi-tainment is the next trend for those in yoga, meditation, spiritual, and conscious communities. These events allow us to come together and activate our true potential and have fun while we do it.

Her story begins with modest roots. She grew up with few resources moving between apartments to a trailer park and finally to her first house when she was in high school. Her Mother is an open-hearted and loving woman who realized early that the grind of keeping a job was a game that couldn’t be won. This led to moving every 6 months to a year until her Mother remarried and settled down when she was in 9th grade. This gave Infinity an unusual yet profound understanding that we all wear masks and we can put them on and take them off as needed. As she moved from school to school she realized she could reinvent herself effortlessly to fit in or choose to rebel against the status quo. Sometimes she was popular. Sometimes she wasn’t. She quickly learned she preferred popularity over the alternative of feeling like she wasn’t accepted and so she chose to fit in and assimilate.

Her Father was absent for most of her life. He left her Mother when she was 6 to return for one more visit when she was 9. He showed up at for her birthday party which led to an awkward experience of wanting to show love, but not understanding if he truly wanted it. He committed suicide 2 months later and Infinity grew up believing it was because she wasn’t more openly loving towards him.

This is when she learned to bury pain. That year was a tough one. She was also molested for the first time that year by one of her Mother’s boyfriends. An occurence that happened once and left a permanent mark. It would be repeated two more times by another of her Mother’s boyfriend’s and a family friend. This is when she learned that she must rely on herself for protection and that adult men were dangerous.

To say that Infinity’s childhood was filled with trauma is an understatement. She experienced multiple forms of trauma and yet always returned with an optimistic attitude about the future and a knowing that she could truly handle and overcome anything.

She found her grace in school where she excelled academically and earned straight A’s for much of her education through grade school, high school, college and even when she pursued an M.B.A. Infinity quickly realized that her intelligence was a ticket out of poverty and put all of her focus on sports and academics.

This served her exceptionally well. She climbed the corporate ladder in record time going from an Executive Assistant to Marketing Director within 10 years. She then tried her hand at entreprenuership and launched a marketing agency that was a multi-million dollar agency within 18 months.

She knew how to put the right mask on at the right time. That’s when everything shifted.

In March of 2014, Infinity had two minor strokes. By then she had become a published author and traveled the world speaking at conferences and quickly became one of the marketing industry’s most prolific pioneers. She was told she had a 60% chance of a full stroke within a year and that it could be fatal. At 37 years old she began to face her mortality.

By then she was a Mother of 3, a wife, a CEO, and one of the world’s most successful marketers. She wore many masks and none of them quite fit. Forced to face her own mortality she began to ask some of life’s most important questions, “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?” and “How did I end up on a planet with 7.5 billion people?” She did the only thing she knew how to do. Infinity used the S.E.E. methodology, a system she had been teaching Fortune 1000 marketing teams for the last decade, to unravel her life and begin a process of self-inquiry that would finally give her the answers.

Thinking she was finally figuring it out she started biohacking and following people like Dave Asprey. Meanwhile, she left her agency and was thrown a curve ball when her husband asked for a divorce and her first ex-husband filed for more child support. Her financial situation went from flush to her worst nightmare. To be able to meet her new financial obligations she started taking neurotropics drugs and polyphasic sleeping to have enough “time” to heal and to work. She explored spiritual ceremonies to open consciousness including trying NN-DMT and 5MEO-DMT and various psychedellics.

During her exploration she learned that she has a unique super power during a meditation. She can conduct the human energy field much like a music conductor and in doing so her friends were reporting transcendental experiences. Even those who were complete non-believers were left with incredible stories of watching energy move around the room and a releasing of unwanted energy. So she started practicing while following her intuition and guidance of what to do until one fateful session where she drained her entire life force, unknowingly.

Her answers came in a flash. She was in the front seat of her car while her best friend was driving. She had a third minor stroke, which can only be called that because she survived. She remembers taking her last breath, the moment when all the air escaped her chest and everything went white. That’s when she came one to one with our Supreme Creator an energy field that can best be described as a pearlesque white that is every color and no color at the same time. She was shown that she was living her life to serve her children at the sake of herself. She was shown that she was serving others at the sake of herself. She received one question, “What is it that you TRULY want?” A question that would forever change her life.

She just wanted space to heal. To heal the trauma. To heal the pain. To heal the pretending. She wanted space to feel whole again. She wanted a vacation from her life and all that she had created.

Over the next few months she would be shown her mission here on this planet: to help 1 billion people heal in her lifetime. Her strokes came as a result of misalignment with her true mission and her survival depended on living into and embracing it.

God sent her back with the memory of her gifts and her mission. Now, she is combining her gifts with the expertise of musicians and sound healers around the world to show that healing can be fun while she simultaneously works with a few select one-on-one clients.

She has learned that ee don’t need to tell the stories and we don’t need to relive the pain. We simply need to be activated and learn how to use energy to heal. Part of the activation process is to remove all the unwanted energy in your field. This is where pain, trauma and illness reside. And once removed all of us can receive access to our super powers and our true missions here.

And that is when magic starts to unfold. Humans who are activated have the ability to activate our planet and create heaven on earth.

There’s no time like the present to step into your full potential. Infinity is here to help you do just that.

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